Marimax Inox LTD is specialized in the production of stainless steel tanks and equipment used in the food processing industry.
Our highly-skilled design team is able to develop the exact solution needed in order to optimize your production processes.Our solutions are unique because we make sure that they are fully tailored to the individual needs of every customer.
We never compromise in quality and this is the reason why our products are notable for their high endurance and long product life.

Marimax Inox LTD offers:

Horizontal and vertical stainless steel tanks for the food processing industry.
We produce stainless vessels of various volumes and intended for different purposes:

  • Tanks for preservation
  • Processing tanks
  • CIP tanks
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Inoculation tanks
  • Reaction tanks
  • Tank trucks for transportation of liquids

And a great range of other products.

Depending on the purpose for usage, they are equipped with different components such as stirring mechanisms, control systems measuring the level and temperature inside, cleaning systems and other.

Please take a look at some of our finalized products:

Deposit tank for wine

17082007109  17082007108

For the canning industry


Distillery for essential oils


Distillery for the production of essential oils. Consists of: distillation apparatus, cooler and Florentine container.

Mixing container

It is intended for production of liquids, gels, compounds and other, in laboratory conditions. Equipped with: removable lid, anchor agitator and heater.

Preservation tanks


Stainless tanks for preservation with volume and equipment chosen according to the customer requirements. They are thermally insulated, with heating/cooling jacket, stirring mechanism for reaching and/or maintaining the desired temperature.

CIP Vessels

Stainless tanks for CIP/Central cleaning system. Production of CIP tanks with different volumes available.