The satisfactory results in the dairy production are guaranteed by using a perfect technology and high quality equipment adequate to your specific technology.
Our vast experience in the production of dairying equipment has contributed to the ability of reaching a quality which will guarantee your good results.
We can offer to you a large range of technological equipment for the dairy production.

Please take a look at some of our finalized products:

Tank truck for milk

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Tank truck for milk transportation. Marimax Inox LTD produces tank trucks for milk transportation. We manufacture:
Tank trucks with different dimensions and appropriate volumes. 
They can be with thermally insulated sections of different number, each one with a separate flanged bottom edges. Sets with reception unit, and mounting on a chassis is available.
We offer solutions that are fully consistent with the requirements of each individual client.

Cheese vat double “O”

DSC_0005 DSC_0002

Cheese vat:

The cheese preparation tank is manufactured with oval shape and is fully made of stainless steel. Cutters and agitators are united in a common construction as one of the turning directions is used for cutting and the other one is used for stirring respectively. The agitator revolutions are gradually adjusted. It is equipped with a washing system. The milk in the pool of the tank is indirectly heated with steam through the steam jacket.

Storage tanks for milk

съдове за съхранение на мляко yhu

Marimax Inox LTD produces tanks for preservation of milk and other nutrient liquids. Stainless containers with: insulation of mineral wool with fully welded stainless coating, stirring device, heating/cooling jacket for optimal temperature needed, washing system, level indicator, air vent, upper and lower manholes. Volumes and assembles are fully tailored to the individual requirements of each customer.

Machine for cutting cakes of yellow cheese:


The machine is intended for cutting of round, square and rectangular cakes of cheese, depending on the type of the cutting instrument. Manual operation mode and pneumatic drive of the cutting instrument. Possibility of replacement of the cutting instrument.


White Cheese Vat


White Cheese Vat are used for producting white cheese

Marimax Inox LTD produces White Cheese Vat of different volumes. 


Tanks for curd production


We manufacture tanks for curd production of different volumes.

Fermentation tanks


For the dairy industry we offer production of fermentation tanks. Manufacture of various volumes of milk fermentation tanks, insulated, with heating/ cooling jacket, agitating device and other components depending on the customer preferences.

CIP tanks


We offer production of tanks for CIP /Clean-In-Place Tanks made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, depending on the purpose they are intended for. The containers can be manufactured in various volumes.

Draining drums


Draining drum intended for separating the whey from the dairy grains in yellow cheese production.

Press trolley


Stainless carriage with a screw press intended for draining and pressing of dairy.

Press for taking out cakes of cheese


Press for taking out of round, square or rectangular cheese cakes. Possibility for fast and easy replacement of different instruments for taking out. Manual mode of operation with pneumatic drive of the instrument.

Stainless shelves

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Production of stainless shelves. Racks with different number of shelves, various dimensions and materials according to the specifications given by the customer.

Small mobile dairy farm


Small mobile dairy farm for the production of small quantities of milk

Carriage – curd tank


Stainless carriage – curd tank of different volumes.

Receiving unit


Marimax Inox LTD offers production of receiving units.

Construction of pipelines


Design and construction of stainless pipelines.

Cream ripening installation

The cream ripening installation is intended for physical and biochemical cream ripening. The container is equipped with an anchor agitator, heating/ cooling jacket, insulation and stainless coating.



Stainless Retention Tank


Production of Retention Tanks of various volumes.